Komolog Education

A 21st Century Approach to School Mangement Systems

Komolog Education

Today, thousands of kids would prefer we did not exist.
their parents and teachers think differently


Most Student Management Systems merely keep logs,
and schools need the help of today's technology.

Count Noses

Komolog Student Tracker

Track your students throughout the school day, live
Know where they are, and automatically be notified when something is wrong.

More Than Attendance

Komolog allows you to watch all the events in your school from who is in
class to who is skipping class, without any trackers.

For incresed safety Komolog Education Alerts will warn you,
if a student is not where they are supposed to be, instantly.

From field trips to never ending infirmary trips,
you can rest assured, as long as you have an internet connection.

Design That Works

Today, most systems used in schools that track students
or information, are logbooks on computers.

They do not conform to the design rules we use everyday,
outside of our work life.

We designed Komolog with the help of active teachers,
so that their habits and workflow
would not be distrubed, but get assisted.

Komolog uses modern design rules to make sure most actions are
either automatically done for you or take under 10 seconds.


Komolog, by design, does not need to integrate with your
already existing School Information Systems.

Most Komolog Schools do not choose to integrate
and let us transfer their data free of charge.

This way, you can start Komolog immediately and only
carry information you wish to record to your SIS.
However, upon request, we can also integrate with
select School Information Systems.

Hello Class.

Komolog Virtual Teaching Assistant.

From notifying you that "Your class is about to start", to "Nicholas Smith requires additional support with Algebra".
your assistant will keep track of your daily life and help you focus on what truly matters, Nicholas Smith.


Every teacher is expected to treat each student and class individual,
manage their administrative tasks, and deliver their curriculum without a hitch.

That may seem a lot to ask, especially as the number of students
and the amount of their workloaD increase.

That is why we created the Virtual Teaching Assistant.


We had to create a 360 degree School Management System to power our, and possibly your, dream of creating it.

Our algorithms use pattern recognition and predictive analytics on data that has already been provided, all through Komolog Education, to find out what could happen next.


It is a combination of so many scattered tools you are already using today, in one place.

It helps teachers manage their curriculum, schedules, and students.

A true Virtual Teaching Assistant.

Fill In The Blanks

Komolog Education Analytics predicts emerging issues about a student and notifies you,
so that no problem goes unnoticed and becomes chronic.

See habits as they form.

The analytics platform, barrowed from Komolog's enterprise level
retail software, gives educators analytical abilites and machine learning
support, previously unavailable in a school's daily life.

Whether you want to find out about a single student's habits in Physics or
education performance of a class on a given date, see it in seconds through
beautiful infographics.

See how your curriculum flows

With Komolog Education Analytics, you can follow a single subject, or multiple
subjects as they progress.

This way you can make adjustment to each subject, before it is too late.

You can also rest assured that Komolog's Virtual Assistant will warn each
teacher regarding their curriculum's progress, suggest changes if need be.

Problems solved before they are crises

In addition to Komolog Alerts, an emergency alert system that warns you
instantly when a student is not accounted for, Komolog Education Analytics can
also alert you to possible negative outcomes of a student's actions.

Now you don't need to put together books full of reports or export behaviour
data from your School Information System to analyze a student completely.

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